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. for lent, do something. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us, "the ed show" starts right now. >> good evening, americans. welcome to "the ed show." i'm michael eric dyson in for ed schultz. president obama makes his first trip to israel and gets caught at an open mic. the love gov makes a comeback in south carolina, and march madness hits the white house. >>> but tonight, i start with washington dropping the ball on protecting our children. >>> this is "the ed show," and as ed would say, let's get to work. >>> it was supposed to change everything. the massacre at sandy hook elementary school was brutal and horrific, it shook us to our core but out of the tragedy, there was a hope something could get done. we americans believe this was the event that would prompt our lawmakers to finally act, yet this is the cover of today's "new york daily news," shame on us. the faces of the murdered 20 children of the elementary school students in newtown, connecticut, surrounding those words. this is how a paper in the nation's largest city is reacting in the nation's country is the ban re
estimating the depth and length of this weak economy. in some ways the strongest argument for obama to replace him is a partisan argument. there have bn republicans this job now for more than 20 years. and i think democrats may not want the fed chairman job to be something that is seen as a republican job. now, bernanke is, of course, being criticized much more by republicans than democrats will at this point but he still is originally a republican, there are some, geithner, and summers, and including in blinder who would be serious candidates if persh key were to leave. >> rose: your thought, sir? the scuttlebutt from everybody is that he'll probably have snufafteeight years. i do believe that if he wants a third term and he asked the president for it, he'd probably get it for the reasons david said. he's done a very good-- never mind personal, never mind republican. he's just done a very good job. as david said, he's got republicans a lot angrier than teams, even though he came into this job as a bush appointee from the republican side. so i think if bernanke is an eight-year chai
for saturday and sunday. >> 9:40 a.m. and our live picture from inside were president obama is meeting with king abdullah. it looks like the president is being presented with something. he is wrapping up a three day visit to israel. he arrived in jordan this morning with a big ceremony outside. he is now inside and will be meeting with jordan's king. he has a reputation for benevolence. in addition, the king of the jordthe presider peace and more peace negotiations between all the countries in the middle east. it is an ongoing effort. it is the president's first visit to jordan. cal pulled out a big upset in the n.c.a.a. tournament and are now preparing to take on syracuse on saturday. alan graf had 19 points and nine rebounds, robert thurman scored all 12 of his points on bonds and 12 seeded california held off fifth seeded u.n.l.v. 64 to 61 is a round of the n.c.a.a. tournament thursday. the golden bears held the run and rebels without a basket for more than 11 minutes and the second half. cal turned a tied game into a nine. lee during the stress that withstood a late u.n.l.v. push f
said. if this does not come to pass, what does the obama administration do about it? the senate is trying to shoot down this tax on a medical device maker. >> the medical device packs is something that is a pretty bipartisan bill. you will not see a lot of bipartisanship there. dagen: brad, final word. do we really know what this will cost us as a nation and individuals? >> we look no further to the entitlements that the government had to perform before obamacare. medicare, renegade is going bust on its own. we created a whole new entitlement program where we could not even administer properly and provide the coverage to those already admitted. it is on a pathway to unsustainability unless something is done to change those programs. i have no confidence that obamacare will have any more success than the two programs i mentioned. dagen: thank you both. the well. connell: senators getting set for a marathon with back-to-back voting. they will be voting on amendments that protect the budgets. dagen: rich edson is live in washington, d.c. with more. rich: most of them are designed t
of like in the united states, if he can't get something through congress he goes directly to the people? >> i think that'll be part of it. the situation in israel sort of represents one of the fundamental miscalculations of the obama presidency, which was that when he came into office he thought, and a lot of his advisers thought, they'd be able to make a dent there by sheer force of will and personality and by being kind of this unifying figure. and, of course, diplomacy is more complicated than that. and the peace process there has been stalled for years. so i think that the reason they're lowering expectations is because they don't expect that much to happen on this trip. i think he is going there more as a box checking exercise than hoping to make any kind of serious strides in diplomacy. >> i think he's also trying to make up a little bit for the speech in egypt in 2009, caused a little controversy. let me play a little clip. >> so let there be no doubt. the situation for the palestinian people is intolerable. america will not turn our backs on the legitimate palestinian aspiration
so the first company i can talk to you about is something that you may not be so familiar with. it's gib is the ticker, cgi is the company based out of company and they are an implementation company that's helping the government implement obama care. it's an interesting play because they are the dominant player in all of the implementation for the government and all of the medical exchanges. doing 30 federal medical exchanges and been asked to do five state medical exchanges. they are closely held in canada, a montreal group of shareholders who say they will never be for sale but never say never. >> the stock is up pretty well, up 18%. you like qualcomm? >> i do. >> which is a fave on this desk. >> love qualcomm. i mean, again, why do you have to choose apple or samsung? sell shelves during the gold rush and sell chains during the smartphone wars. that's the way to go, and qualcomm just raised their dividend. a good buyback plan now. they are terrific. >> i've got a question for you. you do a lot of asset allocation, keep talking about the great rotation going over five years. are
something that the brilliant minds of the republican caucus had not been able to do, to win an argument against in president and make president obama look very small. >> megyn: that's an interesting point, bill, forget for a moment your position on drones and the use of them, but rand paul got up and he challenged president obama and wound up getting the answer which was the answer he wanted. and pressured eric holder coming out and saying, okay, no, we won't use drones on american people and you know, we don't have evidence they're an imminent threat to the country so he did score a victory against the obama white house and the accusation is that other republicans didn't have the courage to do it. >> well, i don't think the republicans thought that was important enough issue to fight on and i happen to degree with them on that. he got an a statement, his statements from eric holder. what rand paul should want is congressional legislation, maybe he'll introduce it. look, i admire his political entrepreneurship. i wish more republicans showed the spunk, the nerve, the verve that rand pau
'm wrong, earlier in this conflict, the administration here basically said that that was something of a red line. you know that they were this discouraging any use of chemical weapons but that that would change this game so to speak? >> yeah, well, red lines come and go for the obama administration. we'll see. i think obviously we need hard facts here as to exactly what's going on. i think it's difficult to effect the use of chemical weapons inside syria directly because you're talking about very close circumstances, regimes, civilians, opposition, hard to get in the middle of that, but it is certainly should underline to us the risks that these weapons could come loose, fall into the hands of terrorists or regime officials who would sell them to terrorists and get out of the country. >> we know how hard it has been to get good reports out of syria. it is obviously such a danger zone at this point . what do you think the likelihood and how soon will with we get a good handle what really happened here and perhaps the evidence of these chemical weapons being used? >> well i'm sure tracking th
to know president obama the way that i have gotten to know. i think you heard something that is very meaningful. it might have escaped you, but it has not escaped me. the president announced that in addition to all of the aid his administration is providing, including iron dome and defense funding for israel during difficult times, he as announce that we will begin talk is on another 10 year process to ensure american military assistance to israel. this is very significant. i want to express my thanks for everything you have done. i went to thank you for the statement new made. it is very important. i think israelis will judge this by the unfolding events and what is taking place. there is a very simple answer to your question, the gentleman from nbc. this is second term president and third term prime minister. [laughter] >> thank you. [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] -- this is president obama's second trip to israel. >> the supplies were to be issued by a brigade and he hospital was to be cre
something, and it is absolutely right to figure out what you did wrong, and the obama people outperformed republicans in a number of ways. the idea that we are on the brink of going out of business is overstated. >> do you think that there is with the report that the chairman put together and if the republican party is willing to commit to reach out, is that the answer to try to expand the party by paying people to put operatives out there, to make that connection, to look for ways to expand the party? >> that is a big part of it. i commend the chairman. it was a very thoughtful, thorough report. it has some good recommendations. the fact is the obama campaign and the democrats did a good job of having people out there. they did that better than we did. they had a presence in all communities you had that you needed to turn out, to win. we need to be in the community year round, cycle through cycle, not just in the last three months of an election. having storefront campaign headquarters and party headquarters, people in the committee all the time is an important part. a lot of the focus h
something together that we could not have thought about more with the nih director tonight at 8:00. >> this morning, a discussion on president obama's trip to the middle east. then, senior white house correspondent will discuss the history and importance of id
of the party. for 40 years, the most number of republicans in the house was 192. andy we have 230 something, it is absolutely a bright to figure out what you did wrong, and the obama people outperformed republicans in that number of ways. the idea that we are on the brink of going out of business is overstated. >> do you think that there is with the report that the chairman put together and the money if the party is willing to commit to reach out, is that the answer to try to expand the party by paying people to the operatives out there, to make that connection, to look for ways to expand the party at tracks? >> that is a big part of it. i commend the chairman. it was a very thoughtful, ferro report. it has some good recommendations. campaignis, the obama and the democrats did a good job of having people out there. they did that better than we did. they had a presence in all communities you had that you needed to turn out, to win. we need to be in the community year round, cycle through cycle, not just in the last three months of an election. having storefront campaign headquarters and part
the great united states of america from becoming greece or spain or perhaps something worse. the sky is falling. we also, on this committee, subcommittee, had a hearing that was entitled the obama administration regulatory war on the economy. very ominous. the sky apparently is falling, notwithstanding the fact that the administration has created about 6 million private sector jobs. today, there is a thing advanced by some, again, not questioning the views of many good faith members, but the theme is that criminals have been unleashed on the american public. the question that has been posed is, is this policy or politics? parenthetically that i believe in my reading of the 22nd amendment, barack obama is constitutionally prohibited from running for office again because he was elected and reelected. i'm not sure how politics could make their way into this discussion from the electoral context. putting that aside, the issue of whether criminals have recklessly been unleashed on the american public is an interesting one. i have about 2220 people who are at issue in terms of their releas
. >> the senate has passed a budget. >> senators pull an all-nighter on capitol hill to pull off something they have not done in years, but was it more show than substance? >>> also, his final day in the middle east and president obama goes back in time, biblical times. >>> and with congress poised for its first fight over gun it is, the white house prepares to ramp up the pressure. i will talk to a connecticut congressman. >>> first, topping political headlines, the senate passed a budget for the first time in four years. like the student these once were, they pull and all-nighter and wrapped up voting around 5 a.m. now, they head off on spring break for two weeks. but all is not necessarily well in the democratic dorm room there were four democratic senators who voted against the budget plan, all of whom are up for re-election and one, frank lautenberg from new jersey, he didn't vote at all. meanwhile, politico reporting senator tim johnson from south dakota not planning to run again in 2014. that puts yet another democratic seat in play. another notable democratic senator planning to st
their home country refused to let them home school their children. the obama administration says that family has to be deported. hear from their attorney, next. >> a sky diving trip goes horribly wrong for an instructor and a student in flor day. >> it had to be terrible. something tragic went wrong. a tragic day for a bunch of frens out here on vacation, having a good time. ♪ [ female announcer ] hey ladies, you love it, you gotta have it. cinnamon toast crunch. 'cause that cinnamon and sugar is so irresistible. [ slurps ] [ chuckles ] everybody craves those crazy squares. i took something for my sinuses, but i still have this cough. [ male announcer ] a lot of sinus products don't treat cough. they don't? [ male announcer ] nope, but alka seltzer plus severe sinus does it treats your worst sinus symptoms, plus that annoying cough. [ breathes deeply ] ♪ oh, what a relief it is [ angry gibberish ] i'm your hot water heater. you hardly know i exist. that's too bad. 'cuz if my pressure relief valve gets stuck... [ booooooom! ] ...we hot water heaters can transform into rocket propelled wre
immigration reform insist you have to have proof of border security. in the past the government used something called operational control of the border and they have used various indices to measure whether the government was in control of x-many miles along the border with mexico but the obama administration threw that standard out. janet napolitano, homeland security secretary said it was archaic of the they said would come up with a super-duper measure of boarder security called the border security index or bci. two years passed and three years passed and they haven't come up with it. in a hearing before the house border security subcommittee last week the chairman of the committee said, is it ready yet? we really need this for immigration reform? homeland security official said, no, it's not ready yet. and by the way, it won't measure border security. and both republicans and democrats on that subcommittee seemed absolutely stunned. wait a minute, immigration reform depends on this and you will not have a way of measuring. and they said, no? they're back to square one how to measure border
no you're going to say something in that whatever response to it. thank you very much. it's tough work. even at that. president obama nominated thomas perez as the next labor secretary this morning. some republicans are already voicing concern about this. and jeff flock is live at the white house. i think the senator from louisiana is already saying no way. >> is going to block this in the senate. does not kill the nomination, but it does create some problems for the administration after thomas perez, the president's pick to lead the labor department is at department of justice right now. the head of the civil rights division, the administration points to settlements in the fair housing act, something that he has achieved at the department of justice and the administration basically says they're going to take that and effectively pursue their goals at department of labor. >> he has worked with ceos the labor leaders, federal, state, local government levels. and throughout he understands that our economy works best when the middle class and those working to get into the middle-class hav
. >> they have to do something. >> they follow twitter. >> did you wear your jacket last week? >> no. >> will you write down all of the key deferences for obama care for me? >> what do you mean? >> no, i want her to actually -- no, i want to see the difference. explain to me. >> all right. go ahead. >> well, we've been watching some of the other markets. we told you what happened in japan overnight. you saw what happened in europe. take a look at the futures here. dow futures down by 80 points. s&p 500 futures are down, as well. this comes after weeks of the dow and the s&p marching towards new highs every day. you can see right now that the ten-year at this point is yielding 1.944%. oil prices did come under some pressure, even though they've been pushing higher on friday, you can see they're down. this is part of what happens when you see the euro coming under pressure on a stronger dollar. take a look very quickly at gold prices this morning. they're up by close to $10. 1602 an ounce. >>> cnbc has a team of reporters covering every aspect of the cypress story this morning and is can why it mat
. president obama and vice president biden will be out of the country at the same time. this is a security risk we don't usually see. god forbid something would happen to both men, the next in line to take over the white house house speaker john boehner. and the annual easter egg roll may crack under the pressure of lack of funds. see what i did there. >> hal: uh-huh. >> the 135th annual celebration may be canceled according to cnn, the white house is proceeding as planned, but ticket holders have been warned. we're back after the break. ♪ >> if you believe in state's rights but still support the drug war you must be high. >> "viewpoint" digs deep into the issues of the day. >> do you think that there is any chance we'll see this president even say the words "carbon tax"? >> with an open mind... >> has the time finally come for real immigration reform? >> ...and a distinctly satirical point of view. >> but you mentioned "great leadership" so i want to talk about donald rumsfeld. >> (laughter). >> watch the show. >> only on current tv. dude, i need your help fast. well, cleara
by repealing president obama's health care law and creating a vouch every-like model for medicare. it also calls on lawmakers to address the issue of social security. something paul ryan talked about quite a bit. bret baier, anchor of "special report" joins us live. good morning, bret. >> good morning, martha. martha: what are we watching on the floor of the house today and what do we expect from the paul ryan vote? >> they expect this will pass. republicans probably don't have a lot of votes, the window that they will probably pass it by won't be probably that many. they can only afford 15 defections on this vote in order to get it through because all of the house democrats are expected to vote no, like they did last time. if the last time the paul ryan budget made it through, they had 10 house republican defections. this time they can only afford to lose 15 in order to get it passed. it is expected to get passed. yesterday he saw a bit of theatrics on the house floor. the republican study committee came forward with their budget proposal. it balanced the budget in five years. did a numbe
: yeah, the tree part is the metaphor. and it's not analogy to say democrat obama -- obamacare, like nazis. that's a comparison. >> okay. >> hal: that's a direct comparison in motivation in methodology, that's a comparison. >> okay. >> hal: analogy is when you take something that is not like it and make the comparison to bring out the starkness, like you go nazis are like a weed in your garden. you can't say nazi's are like those white supremacists down the street from me. that's very important for the discussion we'll be having after the break. >> why do you feel justified justified -- compelled to justify every tangent. >> hal: because of your lion like stair. we'll be back. honest. they know that i'm not bs'ing them with some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know that i'm going to be the first one to call them out. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us. [clucking]. everyone wants to be the cadbury bunn
side. and lawmakers not feeling the pressure of public opinion, and that is something that a lot of groups including organizing for action, outgrowth of the obama campaign, the group that gabby giffords has sponsored, and the mayor bloomberg group -- they have been trying to galvanize what they see in public opinion polls to apply pressure to members of congress and over the next two weeks lawmakers will be home doing town hall meetings and other events and these gun control groups are trying to stage rallies, organized petition drives and find ways to apply that pressure, showing what public opinions polls are showing, which is support for some of these measures, encoding the background checks bill which gets 80% or 90% approval rating. host: here is a chart on whether background checks should stay the same or become less strict. let's watch a recent nra ad. [video clip] >> in a recent closed-door speech to donors, politicians and media, bill clinton spoke about gun owners. "a lot of these people, all they have is their hunting and their fishing, or they have been listening to t
the bush 43,idents reagan, and obama. there is no denying that the opportunity to talk informally with the president is a very special thing. you come away having learned something about the person or about his policies. publicly have made a spectacle of myself so many times for better and worse. share one moment in april of 1988, president ronald reagan. >> george bush is doing well. he has been a wonderful vice president. nobody is perfect. i might put them in charge of and -- rorism focus on theuch presidential election i have been feeling a little lonely these days. i am so desperate for attention i almost considered holding a news conference. [laughter] we watch that, was there a private ronald reagan? was he different off-camera than on the stage? guest: he really wasn't. aboutt the same stories life in hollywood or california politics that you often got in public. he was in fact a very private man. but he was always cordial, always very pleasant. texted hinge joint news conferences? guest: i do not think it particularly dead. he was adept at dealing with them but i do not t
now, the smiles, pomp, circumstance; also president obama visiting what's called the iron dome, that is a u.s.-funded missile defense system that was very successful during the gaza war, something the israelis want to show off and they feel shows u.s.-israeli military cooperation and shows the united states a little bit of what it gets for its $3 billion in aid here to israel. the president obviously is meeting with leaders while he's here. he's also speaking directly to the israeli people who do not have a great approval rating for him. a recent poll in israel showed only 10% of israelis said they liked president obama. about another 30% said they didn't necessarily like him but they at least respected him. in this speech he is going to give to about 1,000 college students is designed to speak directly to the israeli population to see if he can't convince the israeli population that he's right that america has their back, and perhaps that can get more movement out of prime minister netanyahu if president obama is able to rally support from the israeli people themselves. >>bria
to say on israel. obama is meeting with five leaders. perez, netanyahu, abbas, fayed and abdullah jordan. this isn't just an israel trip but something he could do would be very significant is to empower john kerry, very overwhelmingly secretary of state to work on the peace process now. i still think this is the closing window. >> all right. >> there you go. >> i think dianne feinstein will get a vote on the amendment and i want to see the number of votes. you never what is going to happen in the gun debates. i remember in '98, we republicans were back on our heels and thought we would get absolute slaughtered. boom. we carried the day and won huge and the democrats went into retreat for a decade. i'd be surprised, put some of these restrictions and regulations on the floor. i'd be surprised to republicans. if you want to say background checks to keep the guns in the hands of felons, put that on the record. >> harry reid's reality, i don't know why we are so shocked about this outcome. he telegraphed this a month ago this is where this is going. >> he trying to protect his 12 senate demo
starting something with me already? >> not yet. that was a great week. phil gramm paid the week before. you paid the following week. i may have to have obama run every year. >> appetizers, coffee, two entrees. >> well, i'm a fat cat. >>> look at lulu lemon. one cent before than the street was expecting. earnings for the fiscal year are short of expectations. we told you lulu lemon announcing it is withdrawing its popular line of yoga pants because you could see through it in too many places. follow us on twitte twitter @squawkcnbc. >>> up next, cyprus running close to empty. what does it mean for the eurozone recovery? we'll talk about that right after this. >> right now, take a look at the european markets this morning. you have seen declines. part of this is because of the economic numbers that came in europe. cac is done 1%. "squawk" will be right back. >>> we're here on bourbon street in the big easy talking about deals. deal makers and what's on top for mergers and acquisitions in 2013. "squawk" is back right after this. >>> >>> coming up, march money madness is here. who do you think
the one that is going to win the order of the day. obama changed that in 2004. -- 2012. this generation of 18 to 40 year-old's see the world through less of red and blue and more purple. that is something that we will have to adopt, number one. no. 2, when you are looking at the broader landscape of what he is saying, i would agree, but here is the problem. why not chris christie? when chris christie is not allowed to speak at a national conservative convention because he did not pass the test on a few issues or he embraced the president during a time of crisis in his state, which is nothing short of ironic, because as a former state official i can tell you that when a hurricane hit maryland and we had devastation from snowstorms and all of that, yes, you look to your federal partners for help. at that time it was true with bush and we were very appreciative of the help that came from the federal government. why would chris christie be less appreciative of help from the federal government at a time when his state was under devastation? when we look at our politics through the prism, a l
apologizing saying they misused the money. >> clayton: and they screwed something else up, they have next generation uniforms in an original "star trek" set. come on. >> alisyn: let's go over to the guys. >> clayton: well, the obama administration recently released more than 2000 illegal immigrants from detention centers blaming cuts from the sequester, but what might be more disturbing is the cases that they aren't letting go. one in particular, a family from germany that could be deported over home schooling their children. >> jesse: joining us now is michael ferris chairman of the home school association who is representing that family. okay, mr. ferris, who do you blame for this mix-up? it seems we're letting illegal aliens go with dui convictions and the people we should be letting stay here we're trying to deport, it doesn't make sense. >> it doesn't make sense. eric holder, the attorney general is responsible for this policy and this particular decision. and if you do the legal analysis, it just is wrong. religious freedom is supposed to be a basis for granting political asylum, wh
Search Results 200 to 230 of about 231 (some duplicates have been removed)